If we do not have the new vehicle with the specific features, interior options or color that you are looking for in our new vehicle inventory, don't give up. Our sales team at the Maguire Lincoln of Ithaca is still happy to help you find the vehicle of your dreams. Here is how you can make your dream a reality...

Option 1

In Stock

This is a vehicle that is here at the dealership. It is available and ready to go.


  • You can normally take the vehicle home the same day or within a few days.
  • You can lock in today's incentives, financing or lease rates.


  • The vehicle may not be the exact vehicle you are looking for. It may not have your first choice of color or options.

Option 2

Dealer Trade

We will facilitate a dealer trade with another new vehicle dealership within our network to get the exact vehicle or similar vehicle that you are looking for. This is like swapping inventory with another dealer.


  • This is typically the fastest way to get a new if it's not something we currently have in stock.


  • This process can take a few days or even up to a week.
  • Once the vehicle comes in it will have some miles from the dealer trade route and any other previous test drives.
  • The car may have more accessories or options than what you specifically wanted.

Option 3

Reserve an In-Transit / Incoming Vehicle

You can reserve a vehicle that is scheduled to arrive to us from the factory. This vehicle would be considered in-transit and it has not landed at our dealership yet. The time frame of the vehicle getting to us can range from a day up to a month.


  • If you aren't in a rush, this is a great way to reserve a brand-new car, fresh off the truck from the factory! The vehicle will have no previous test drives or mileage.


This process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the vehicle.

Option 4

Custom Order

When you want to custom build your dream vehicle you can choose the exact colors, options and accessories or you want a new model that has not been built yet!


  • You can typically order the exact model, color combination, packages and accessories that you want. This way you get the exact vehicle you have been looking for.
  • This is the best way to reserve a vehicle that hasn't been produced yet.


  • This process can take 6-12 weeks.
  • In most instances of a vehicle order, we cannot guarantee on exact arrival date until the vehicle is in-transit.
  • Finance and lease terms may change before your vehicle arrives.

What is the process for finding your new dream vehicle?

  1. Decide on what vehicle model may be best for you.
  2. Connect with our sales team to begin your sales process. You can fill out the form below to start today.  
  3. Test drive the vehicle (if available).
  4. Decide on which option may be best for you, a in stock vehicle, a dealer trade, reserving an in-transit/ incoming vehicle or custom ordering your vehicle.  
  5. Work with our sales team, agree on the price of your new vehicle and what options you want. The price may vary from the advertised price on particular models based on options and accessories.
  6. Deposit may be required for some orders or reservations.
  7. If ordering allow for about 6-12 weeks for delivery. Reservations of incoming vehicles and dealer trades may be less time.
  8. Schedule and take delivery of your vehicle!

Help Me Find My Dream Vehicle Today!

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Common Questions:

When Should I Place My Order?

Average build time for a new vehicle is roughly 6-12 weeks, so you want to allow about 2 months for production time. Depending on the vehicle, it may be pushed ahead and arrive sooner!

Do You Require a Deposit to Order a Vehicle?

Depending on the vehicle you are ordering we do require a deposit. This deposit will be deducted from your purchase price when you pick up the new vehicle.

How Do I Know When My Order Will Arrive?

After placing the order, your salesperson will keep you updated as it moves through production. They will let you know when the vehicle has an ETA and when the vehicle is in-transit to our dealership.

Does It Cost More to Order?

No! The pricing is the same! In fact, sometimes it's actually less expensive than taking something in stock, as inventory vehicles are typically equipped with accessories that cannot be removed. Accessories such as; body side moldings, wireless chargers, rear seat back protectors, all weather mats, etc.!

Can I Lock In Finance/Lease Rates?

Although Lincoln stays fairly consistent with their rates and incentives, the financing and lease rates are determined at by the delivery date rather than the time of reservation/order.

What If My Lease Is Expiring?

If you decide to do a factory order or reserve an in-transit/ incoming vehicle, but your lease is due within the next month, it is often possible to do a lease extension until your new vehicle arrives. For questions, or additional details - give us a call or contact us by filling the form out above.

Where Do I Start?

Fill out the form above to get the process started!